My Desire

I want my world that will render my existence

I want my world to pure my life with gracious blessings

I want my world to be as gratitude to live in

I want my world to be as fulfilling like an extraordinary person

I want my world will full of mysteries that I am capable of accepting fears

I want my world to be useful as I live it very ideal

I want my world to be life full of fantasy and the records has an never ending joy

I want my world to be stunned with great rewards as that person endures sacrifice

I want my world to be unique as an individual lives in this universe

I want my world full of dreams and not wasting time but to work with them

I want my world to be as courageous and lovely people

I want my world to engage take considerations of an individual reigning the ones who’ll win the debate

I want my world to be free from multiple judgements

I want my world to accept criticisms and judgements too and learn from them

I want I want I want

Its never ending because desires are thoughts

Flows in the entire brain

For Real

I do love everyone
I do not want them to be hurt
I just made a sacrifice
But they think I am stupid.

I do respect everyone
I do not want to be that judgemental
I just can’t handle them
Because they were the ones who judge.

I am an open minded person
I do not want to shut them down
I just froze their mind
Because they were too crazy.

I am just good.

Better?? I do not really know what i am capable of. After i made a sacrifice i was very in love but the person shut me down and listen on his own point of view. I have respected him but i am afraid to face him because he has hurted my precious heart. Why can’t he listen?? Ever since the day that we are together when i said yes its then i felt very hopeless. He even labeled me that i was really in love with him. Why can’t he even listen that my heart is hurt. He needs to do a lot of sacrifice knowing that i always make a sacrifice for myself though i acted selfish. If he only listens to my story. I become crazy because of his random and unbelievable words. I am bringing nothing back. Before i tend to give myself from a true man that i will be with i need to be healed. Completely that i may find myself better.


I do not want to be loved
I am selfish
I have a doubtful heart
I only care for myself
I do things for myself
I just care what were my mistakes
I just could not imagine love
I do not feel it any longer
I sacrifice only for my sake
I do a lot of crazy stuffs because I am isolated
I shut people down
I think a lot of hatred stuffs
I can feel everyone is against me
I can feel hatred
I can actually detect bad thoughts
I am stupid
I am very bad
I am unworthy
I do not deserve anything


When you are down and feeling so low

there are ways to solve them you know

All you need is high hopes

And your fortune will grow

So we will have high hopes

will have high hopes

Fortune and Fun lots of high hopes

So when your tears are falling and heart is breaking

And you are falling apart HOPES

All you need is a little HIGH HOPES!!


I don’t know how to love him

What to do? How to move him?

I have changed. Really change.

In this past few days when I see myself

I see like someone else

I do not know how to take this

What to do? How to move this..

He is a man. He is just a man.

But I have so many man before

In very many ways he is just one more

Should I bring him down. Should I scream and shout.

Should I speak of love. I never thought that I had come to this

What is this all about. Don’t you think its rather funny

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.


Words are TEXT. Text are letters. Letters are alphabets. and ???


When you try to fill someone’s heart and you seem so stiff and seem so hard on yourself.


How you feel? More than words. Is all you have to do to make it real. And you wouldn’t have to say that you love me. Cause I know I already know!!




When it comes that you need to stay the same of who you are and never look forward to change, sometimes you need to abandon the SELF and make a NEW image for your own self.

Question: WHY??

It is because surrendering the being or the growth of you creates a new impact of your life.

Conversation: HOW??

Likely a glass that has been broken it does not form in the same texture. In that sense the texture creates a new image of a broken glass.


A girl named Maria has once been broken there is a guy named Dane that captures her heart. Her heart is full of love and full of happiness. She also loves surprises. Suddenly the guy has been in a desperate stage where he define love as passion and intimate. The love that she render to the man is full of drama. It is because she puts her shoes to the life of the man. So sad that the man did not even respond to the act that she has done for him. The man has been in critical stage on the relationship that they had it is because he sees himself so lovely that he intended to catch a heart of a girl. Maria knew that is one of the role of a man but she never understands the love that the guy has rendered to him. Maria cries and cries until she fell down to the level that she has gone into crazy rational and emotional thinking. Thinking that the man would understand but he never did.

Question: How is Maria’s story related?

Well, the brokenness that she had make her STRONG

Question: What kind of strength?

Maria’s strength of firming his dignity.